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Design Center is a one stop shopping approach to remodeling, new construction and spalling repair.
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The designer, engineer, builder and certified repair technicians are all under one roof.
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International Concrete Repair Institute
International Concrete Repair Institute


Concrete spalling can be triggered by several causes:

The most prominent cause in south Florida is primarily attributable to the brutal environment of South Florida, particularly along the coast. The air has a high content of humidity, and also a high content of calcium chloride (salt). Most buildings are constructed of either pre-cast or poured-in-place concrete. In both cases, concrete is a porous substance. When the "skin" (paint surface) of the building is not waterproof, the concrete absorbs the moisture and the salt from the air and the ground. This causes the steel...

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SPALLING: Why use us?

Design Center has been repairing spalling for the past 20 years in the Florida Keys.

Design Center belongs to the International Concrete Repair Institute. We use recommendation from ICRI engineers.

No job too small

    Past Projects:
  • The Kirk of the Keys, Marathon
  • Oceanside Marina, Key West
  • Sunset Beach, Key Colony Beach
  • Sombrero Beach Resort, Marathon
  • Captain Quarters Condominiums, Marathon
  • The Lady Alexander Condominiums, Marathon

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SPALLING: Why it is a problem

Concrete spalling can result in a variety of undesirable outcomes:

Spalled surfaces can lead to rapid degradation of reinforcing steel which would jeopardize the integrity of structures and necessitate costly repairs. Spalls are also unsightly and indicate a lack of maintenance on the part of owners.

SPALLING: Remediation

Remediation of spalling is a tedious and expensive process:

Here at Design Center, an engineer overseas the design and remediation of the concrete restoration.

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